Monday, September 10, 2012

Piano Lessons in NJ

Ever thought of taking up the piano? Learning this instrument is a wonderful experience and one you can share with your family and friends. At Rockaway Music we offer individualized, one-on-one piano lessons in NJ for students of all ages. Our piano instructors are highly-trained and have extensive teaching experience in the music field.

We offer private NJ piano lessons for both beginner and advanced students. When a beginner student comes to us we will first have a discussion to find out what kind of goals they have and find out more about their music interests. This initial consultation will help us determine how to shape our lesson plans and figure out which songs to feature, based on their ability and taste.

For advanced students our teachers will evaluate their current skill set and find out where they hope to end up by the last day of sessions. We also do consultations with advanced students but the main difference in our approach for beginner and advanced piano players is in the study materials we will be utilizing during our NJ piano lessons.

If you are still unsure if piano lessons are right for you, consider the many benefits:
  • Improved posture – having to sit up straight for hours while practicing will teach you to hold yourself upright in any given situation. This is not only healthy for your spine and lower back but also gives off an air of confidence that can help in social situations.

  • Increased awareness to sound – NJ piano lessons train your ear to pick up on pitches and tones which will improve your piano playing and also sharpen your brain and make you a better singer, since so many failed singers claim “tone deafness” as their major handicap.

  • Handle critique – learning to play the piano can be very challenging but these lessons will  help students overcome obstacles and learn how to gracefully take criticism which can help them in many other walks of life.
For added convenience, our Rockaway Music School is open every day of the week, except Sunday. We are very passionate about all aspects of pianos, especially the learning process. All of our instruction is provided in our private piano school in Morris Plains, New Jersey. For more information on scheduling an NJ piano lesson or coming in for an initial consultation, please give us a call at 973-984-8800. 

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