Monday, June 24, 2013

We Sell All Kinds of Pianos in NJ

If you are looking to buy a piano in NJ, Rockaway Music is one of the state’s most respected and recommended stores. Our staff is both experienced and knowledgeable in pianos and and musical instruments. We are authorized dealers for Yamaha and Young Chang pianos and sell all of the top brands in a wide range of prices.

Rockaway Music sells both new and used pianos in NJ for the best price around. We also offer trade-ups for any new or used acoustic pianos. Many stores will add a time limit for trade-in services, but our trade-in policies never expire. Our staff is courteous and helpful in finding the best piano for you. They also offer piano lessons for any skill level. Whether you are a beginner who has never previously played piano or a professional looking to improve, we have music programs for you.

Rockaway Music sells everything from piano accessories to sheet music. We have all of the top brands of acoustic, digital, upright and grand pianos. Stop by and discover why we are the most recommended piano store in NJ. For more information, call us at 973-984-8800.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

NJ Piano Sale

If you are looking to purchase a piano, Rockaway Music is an authorized dealer of Yamaha and Young Chang Pianos. We offer both new and used pianos and are now having our 20th anniversary piano sale in NJ and have every price range for each brand.

Rockaway Music has a courteous staff that will help you find the perfect piano. We have a combined 70 years of experience in NJ piano sales. We carry many different types of pianos, including:

  • Baby grand pianos
  • Grand pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Player pianos
  • Digital pianos
  • Pianodiscs
  • Disklaviers
  • Clavinovas
  • Midi pianos
  • Console pianos

Each new and used acoustic piano that we sell has a lifetime 100% full trade-up policy for upgrading. We have the best prices and are the most recommended piano store in New Jersey. In addition to pianos, we offer many piano accessories and sheet music. A purchase comes with a complimentary delivery and two complimentary tune-ups.

Rockaway Music is staffed with professional instructors that offer lessons to any skill level, from beginner to advanced. If you would like more information on any of our services or piano sales in NJ, call us at 973-984-8800.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pianos Can Provide Your Child With Many Benefits

Have you ever considered what purchasing pianos in New Jersey can do for you beyond the facts that they can produce beautiful music and add an aesthetic appeal to any home? At Rockaway Music, we want you to be aware of all of the benefits your child can receive when you decide to buy a piano for your home.

According to a poll taken by Gallup, 95% of Americans believe that music is a key component to a child's well-rounded education. When you consider the aspects of playing a musical instrument, especially pianos in NJ, it is easy to see that this is true.

First, learning how to play piano is a way to teach your child discipline. Being attentive, following directions and practicing to improve his or her skills are all qualities that your child can learn through piano lessons. These are important qualities to have, especially as your child gets older and interacts more with people outside of your family.

Playing the piano can also show your child how to develop skills that will aid them in school and work environments in the future. Learning concentration skills, becoming more well-rounded and being able to perform well under pressure are all attributes that are highly valuable in today's society.

Lastly, providing an opportunity for your child to play piano in NJ can help him or her express goals and work toward them until they have been achieved. It allows your child to develop and pursue talents that can be appreciated by many throughout his or her lifetime. It is also a fun activity that can bring your child much joy as he or she learns different songs and pieces to play.

At Rockaway Music, we believe that investing in a piano is investing in your child's future. We are an authorized piano dealer in Morris County that sells a variety of pianos including grand, baby grand, upright, digital, used, midi, Disklavier and Clavinova pianos.

With our NJ pianos, you are making a sound investment for your family. For more information, contact Rockaway Music at 973-984-8800 today.

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