Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Piano Teacher in Morristown, NJ

Are you in the New Jersey area and considering learning how to play the piano? At Rockaway Music, our piano teachers in Morristown can provide you with one-on-one piano lessons. Our teachers are available to instruct both children and adults alike. When you come to our piano school (open every day of the week aside from Sunday), you are sure to get top-notch instruction from our experienced piano professionals.

Don't worry if you are totally new to the instrument. Our piano teachers in Morristown will cater our lessons to your skill level. Before we jump into actually playing the instrument, we will talk about the rudimentary principles, like finger placement and posture. We also consult with you about your lessons, to find out why you have decided to pursue piano playing, how advanced you hope to become, what style of music you want to perform, your musical background and your goals in general.

Ask any of our Morristown piano teachers and they will tell you that learning this instrument comes with a great deal of benefits. Learning the piano will make you more confident in your abilities, better equipped to deal with difficulties, more coordinated and graceful – in your hands and back, more likely to pick up melodies and distinguish between different pitches and tones in music, as well as improving your interpersonal skills – specifically when it comes to taking criticism from others.

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