Monday, April 16, 2012

Grand Pianos in NJ

A grand Piano has been a symbol of class, honor and elegance throughout history. Many people have also tied with the grand piano the sign of snobbery and that only the rich could afford a Grand Piano in NJ. This may have been the case back in the day but now customers can rely on Rockaway Music in NJ for Affordable Pianos in NJ. Our company has a great selection when it comes to pianos especially in regards to our Grand Piano selection. Each Grand Piano is a timeless treasure that tells its own unique history.We have grand pianos of different styles, colors and finishes. From an American Walnut to a beautifully polished Mahogany and even a Majestic Ebony Polish, we have a grand piano that will suit your budget and your own taste and preference. But Rockaway Music has more than just Grand Pianos we also have an amazing selection of Upright Pianos in NJ as well. Our Upright Pianos are of enduring beauty, classic tone and are responsive to the touch. If you want the gift of music to be forever enveloped in your house come to Rockaway Music in NJ. Call us at: 973-984-8800!

Friday, April 13, 2012

NJ Used Pianos

As your drive pushes you along to learn and play the piano, a hinderance of doubt may be in your way to becoming a pianist. Do not let the worries of affording a piano get in the way of your musical dream. Here at Rockaway Music in Morris County NJ understand the importance of expressing your musical creativity through the keys of the piano.  Letting funds interfere with someone dreams, drive and ambition is not a tolerable situation. This is why we offer a wide range of great like-new condition pianos from keyboards to grand pianos. High quality pianos are what we are recognizably known for. With the foundation of high quality NJ used pianos, affordable “starter pianos” to grand pianos and overly quality piano instructors. We are confident all our customers will be piano virtuoso in no time. Do not let nickels and dimes get in the way of becoming the next Beethoven. Our affordable used pianos are a great way to take your talent to the next level. With over 70 years of musical experience we always ensure high quality customer service and musical advising.  From purchasing your first piano, to going to your own personal piano lesson, Rockaway Music will alway offer grand melodic needs. We have the customers musical needs in mind to the point where we offer a Trade-up Policy.  A policy where you are able to trade or upgrade your current paino to a new or different piano. With our wide selection of NJ pianos we assure you will find the best value and quality piano for your needs. Thankfully the consideration for customers from Rockaway Music does not fade.  We offer complimentary delivery and two complimentary in-home tunings to ensure your quality piano.
Our customers receive more than expected.

  • Only The Finest Piano Products In Each Price Range
  • Top affordable prices
  • The Most Recommended Store In New Jersey
  • High Quality Service
  • Trade-Up Program
  • Professional Sales Staff
  • Personal and private affordable pianos lessons
  • Complimentary tunings and delivery

Contact Rockaway Music in Morris County for all your NJ used piano needs (973) 984-8800. . What ever your melodic need is too your budget, we offer the grandest selection of NJ pianos, affordable pianos, and trade up policy. Visit our website  or  visits our location to fully receive the melodic attention you desire.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Let Rockaway Music Help You Play All The Right Notes!

A piano is an important instrument that should not be forgotten. It illuminates class, power and respect to ancestry. It is also a perfect instrument for a child or a loved one to play and practice because it teaches discipline and that practice makes perfect. But where would one find Pianos For Sale in NJ? Do not look far because there is Rockaway Music. We are a Piano Store in Morris County NJ, and we have been opened since 1993. Our stuff is top notch with over seventy years of experience in the piano industry and will be willing and able to assist you in finding that perfect piano for your house. We have a wide variety of pianos and they are the Best-Priced Pianos in NJ. Our store holds the prestigious rank of being a“Factory Authorized Dealer” for Yamaha, Yamaha Disklavier Pianos, Yamaha Midi Pianos, Yamaha Clavinovas, Young Chang Pianos and Pianodisc Player Systems. Our Piano Store in NJ also has a lifetime 100% full trade up policy which will allow clients the ability to upgrade their piano at any time in the future. We not only provide you with Quality Pianos in NJ but we also sell piano sheets music, player piano disks, andpiano accessories. Our store is your one stop shop for all your piano needs because we even provide Piano Lessons in NJ, which are taught on a one-one basis. Add a piano in your melody of life and let Rockaway Music help you play all the right notes! Call us at : 973-984-8800!

NJ Piano Lessons

The piano is one for the most romantic skillful instruments ever made. With the beautiful soft musical notes like Classical Composer Joseph Haydn would perform or to a  more expressive melodramatic keys conveyed by Beethoven.  Whichever is your preference is, it is attainable by your will to play the piano and the mindset to actually learn.  Practice makes perfect.
At one point of everyone's life the admiration to learn to play the piano was sparked, but learning the musical art seemed impossible.  However the NJ musical instructors at Rockaway Music in Morris County NJ offer many private piano lessons that are personal to reach you at your speed and comfortability.
The goal at Rockaway Music is to bring out your musical inner confidence of each individual and uncover your skill to master this skillful art. All within an affordable prices and convenient daily services from Monday through Friday (day and evening) while Saturdays are all day. All of Rockaway Music instructors have extensive musical accreditation
and inclusive music teaching skills. Whether you are a child or adult, beginner or expert the musical instructors will accommodate all of your musical needs.  You will walk in as a beginner and leave with the skills of the most musical prodigy such as Chopin and Beethoven. Even these pianist experts practiced enough to be considered the masters of the piano.  Rockaway Music NJ piano store ensures the professional standard of a great musical environment, comfortably surroundings, proper musical education, skillful kind instructors and affordable personal classes for your convenience. NJ Piano lessons are a great way to express your passion and to dig deep in your musical soul and pull out your hidden creativity skills. It also gives you a sense of self achievement to attain this  a beautiful skill that requires knowledge, technique, and creativity. This conception musical art is for amateurs, children and ordinary people with the desire to learn. Reward yourself with this affordable NJ piano lesson in Rockaway Music and be the next pianist and the envy of the party.

Yamaha pianos in NJ

Are you looking for a Yamaha piano in NJ ? Since 1993, Rockaway Music has been the authorized Yamaha piano dealer for Northern NJ and Cent...