Thursday, January 31, 2013

Used Pianos NJ

Do you want to be a piano man but lack a piano? Rockaway Music has used pianos in NJ. We have been providing NJ pianos for 20 years now. Our staff has a combined 70 years of experience in the piano industry. Whether you are looking for a starter piano, concert quality grand piano or anything in between, we have what you are searching for. You will be dazzling your guests with impromptu renditions of The Ballad of Billy Kid in no time.

We sell both new and used acoustic and digital pianos in NJ. We offer many brands of NJ used pianos including:

  • Yamaha
  • Cable Nelson
  • Young Chang
  • Piano Disc

We offer only the finest new and used pianos in NJ at the best prices around. We have a great reputation. But do not take our word for it. Ask around. We can guarantee you that any piano players, teachers, tuners and technicians that have shopped here will tell you great things about us.

Our staff is the best around. We only hire the top piano tuners, refinishers, movers, and educators that Northern New Jersey has to offer. Our staff is polite and knowledgeable to help you out with any questions on what will be the best piano for you. We realize that nowadays people are used to shoddy service when shopping. Our staff is friendly, helpful and well versed in many aspects of pianos.

We also sell NJ piano accessories and sheet music. Our expert piano instructors provide piano lessons six days a week for any level, from beginner to professional. The tutors at Rockaway Music teach any style of music, such as Classical, Jazz or Rock and Roll.

For more information on our used pianos in NJ, call 973-984-8800.

Piano Instructors in NJ

Have you ever been to a party where everyone crowded around the one guy who knows how to play the piano?  Have you ever wanted to be that guy everyone crowds around because you know how to play the piano?  Well, learning to play the piano is not as difficult as you might think, thanks to the resources you have right in your neighborhood.  Rockaway Music has local piano instructors in New Jersey who can make you into a great musician.

Whether you have never sat in front of a piano before or are looking to bring back childhood lessons that are somewhere in your memory, our NJ piano instructors can help you to improve.  If you are worried about having to play classical music and that is not really your favorite genre, you need not worry.  We work with each of our students to base their lessons around their musical preferences.  It is much easier to learn an instrument when you enjoy the music.  Country, hip hop, rock, and metal enthusiasts are all welcome and encouraged to delve into their individual interests.

It is a new year and now is the perfect chance to improve yourself by adding a valuable skill.  Give yourself the ability to impress others whenever there is a piano in the room.  To learn more about our New Jersey piano instructors and to schedule your first lesson, give Rockaway Music a call today at 973-984-8800.  Our instructors look forward to working with you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Piano Lessons in Morris County, NJ

Music is a beautiful form of art and expression and having the ability to create it is very special. Whether you have no idea how to play a note on a piano, or if you are well-versed on the keys, come to Rockaway Music to improve your skills with piano lessons in Morris County, NJ.

At Rockaway Music, our staff has a combined 70 years of experience in the music and piano industries. Our instructors have extensive backgrounds that they love sharing with anyone who would like to learn how to play piano or work on their level of expertise.

Whether you are a child or an adult, your skill level does not matter when you come to Rockaway Music for one-on-one piano lessons in Morris County, NJ. You can come to us as at a beginner level or at an advanced level, and we will do everything we can to help you with your piano playing!

During our first consultation with you, we will discuss your goals and what you want to achieve at the end of your piano lessons. We will also hold an evaluation to determine your skill level and figure out just what it is that we need to teach you and work with you on.

Our piano lessons in Morris County, NJ are the same for all of our students, no matter what skill level you are currently at. The only thing that is different is the type of materials we use to educate you.

We strive to make you feel comfortable in a professional environment during your lessons. We pride ourselves on providing a quality music education, and we will make it our number one priority to help you meet any and all of the goals you set for yourself at the start of your piano lessons in Morris County, NJ.

To make lessons more fun for you, we want to know what genre of music you enjoy the most. We will work on finding materials for you to practice and play that suit the genre you are interested in.

If you find that you love playing the piano after your lessons are complete and you want to continue playing, we have many new and used pianos that are available for purchase. If you already own a piano but you are looking for new materials to learn and play, we also sheet music for all genres.

If you are interested in learning the piano or improving the skills you have already developed, contact Rockaway Music and inquire about our piano lessons in Morris County, NJ. Call us at 973-984-8800 or email us at today!

If you are a new student, present this coupon when you
come in for your first piano lesson in Morris County, NJ!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Used Yamaha Pianos in NJ

Pianos produce melodic and harmonious sounds, yet they can be very expensive to purchase. To still achieve high-caliber sounds and music but for an affordable price, invest in used Yamaha pianos in NJ with Rockaway Music.

At Rockaway Music, we are an authorized Yamaha piano dealer in NJ. Since 1993, we have worked to provide potential buyers with only the highest-quality pianos and products. We are located in Morris County, NJ, and we provide piano lessons if needed.

Our professional sales staff chooses to sell used Yamaha pianos in NJ because they are more affordable yet still provide buyers with the same products they would be purchasing at full price. Our used pianos come in to us through two ways: we purchase them from homes or they are taken as trade-ins.

At Rockaway Music, we have a trade-up policy which states that you can purchase an acoustic piano from us and receive a free full trade-in privilege toward any new or used piano in stock. There is no time limit on this policy.

Because of this policy and the pianos we purchase, you can find many types of used Yamaha pianos and other types of pianos in our store. Our used piano inventory changes frequently, and sometimes even daily, so if you do find a piano you like in our inventory, jump on your chance to purchase it as soon as possible!

When you purchase any of our pianos, whether new or used, we provide you with two complimentary home tuning sessions for free.

We want your piano shopping process to be simple and quick, but we also want you to be happy with your choice. We always have an excellent selection of used Yamaha pianos and other types of pianos. Our options range from starter pianos to grand pianos, and they are all in good condition.

For more information about our used Yamaha pianos in NJ, or any of the other services we offer, contact us at 973-984-8800 or visit us in our store located at 1745 Route 10 East today!

Yamaha pianos in NJ

Are you looking for a Yamaha piano in NJ ? Since 1993, Rockaway Music has been the authorized Yamaha piano dealer for Northern NJ and Cent...