Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Used Pianos For Sale

Having a piano a can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons. It can give the home a sense of prestige and class when guests enter. It is also one of the most respected instruments of history which can be used as a tool to teach others patience, practice and commitment. One may think that pianos may be too expensive, but there are wonderful used pianos for sale in NJ by Rockaway Music, which can fit into any type of budget.
Our used pianos for sale in NJ are top-quality pianos that are available in different types, brands and colors. From starter pianos to Grand pianos, we ensure that all of our pianos are all in excellent condition. Here are some of the pianos that we have in stock:
  • Yamaha C-2 - 5' 8" Conservatory Series Grand Piano
  • Yamaha GC1 - 5' 3" Baby Grand Piano with PianoDisc Player System
  • Yamaha M460C-44" Console Piano
  • Young Chang Console Piano
  • Yamaha CLP-120 Clavinova
Our used piano for sale NJ and digital piano inventory changes daily, so if you are looking for a particular item, feel free to contact us! Call us today at: 973.984.8800!

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  1. Sweet!!! I’m looking forward getting a great deal for these pianos and also discounts will do… :D


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