Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Yamaha Clavinova

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The Yamaha Clavinova is one of the most popular pianos to come out from the manufacturer. It’s been heralded as one of the company’s best products, as many have touted the fact that it provides a seamless playing experience with the durability required to last for years.

That said, here’s a starter’s review of this lovely piece:


You will also definitely love the fact that the piano comes with awesome furniture quality stands. The piano comes with three built-in pedals, which is great because a lot of pianos usually provide separate pedals with them. Some of these other pianos even provide unnatural pedals that just look haphazard.

Well, that’s not the case with the Yamaha Clavinova. The standard pedals come in the package, and they bear the same appearance as the acoustic equivalent.

Weighted Keyboard

The Yamaha Clavinova also comes with fully weighted keys. Not much of a surprise here, but still worth pointing out nonetheless.

You will also find that lower-end options of the piano might not have these keys. Still, you’ll most likely find one. This guarantee is definitely nice, as a weighted keyboard provides some resistance to you whenever you play a note.

So, the piano feels a little bit acoustic.

The keys are also graded; that’s a great additional benefit for sure, as it ensures that lower notes will be able to provide higher levels of resistance than the higher notes. That additional touch provides an even more original feel for the entire piano set.

Thirty-Four Voices

The Yamaha Clavinova also provides 34 different voices. For the voices here, voices are a reference to a keyboard that can produce different tones. The voices on the Clavinorva are a replica of various separate instruments and sounds, and with 34, you’ll definitely not be at a loss with this option.

You also get thirty-four different voices with the Clavinova. For those that do not know, “voices” in reference to a keyboard refer to the tones it can produce. The voices on this unit replicate a variety of different instruments and sounds.

Learning Journey

One of the things that endears Yamaha to a lot of people is that they do their best to make their products appeal to both beginners and professional players as well.

Their commitment to development is on display with this piano as well, as it features over 300 piano lessons programmed on it. Naturally, you will need to get a teacher to help you master the piano, as these lessons won’t be able to do the trick alone. However, if you will like to do some more practice at home, then you’ll find these lessons to be great supplementary teachers.

Again, the Yamaha Clavinova has something for you, regardless of whether you’re an experienced pianist or you’re a beginner.

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