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Yamaha Clavinova

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“If music be the food of love, play on” read the first line of the play titled Twelfth Night, written by the famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Now, listening to music has been known to soothe and compose a man’s soul. But what is even better than listening to the lulling notes of a piano is to play them. Playing the piano gives you a sense of ease and it relaxes your mind and soul. A sense of calmness washes over you when your fingers glide over its keys. And as an added bonus, it is obviously a lot of fun! So, if you are a fan of playing the piano or maybe you are looking to buy one in order to learn how to play it then relax because we have got you covered!

Yes, at our stores we offer our customers an array of piano products and services to meet all their requirements and wishes. And we also have the present popular Yamaha Clavinova premium digital pianos that have remained a constant favorite of the people.

Why choose a Yamaha Clavinova?

The Yamaha Clavinova pianos are the digital range of pianos that come in three series- the CLP series, CSP series and lastly the CVP series. The bright side of this is that with 3-model series you can rest assured of finding a piano that suits you!

So now let us focus upon those aspects that make Yamaha Clavinova a likely and favored series. Here you go!

  • Tone

  • The high definition digital recreation of the Yamaha CFX Bosendorfer gives this piano an ability to produce sweet and sugaring melodies. And its virtual resonance modeling reproduces aural interaction between the strings. This piano never seems to be in the need for tuning or regulation and hence has served as a constant favorite.

  • Touch

  • The feel or touch is an important sensation while playing the piano. In the Yamaha series, there is a linear graded hammer key action which makes playing a realistic feel. The synthetic ebony along with real wood inside the white keys further enhances the sensation of touch.

    So these are some of the features that make Yamaha a favorite amongst piano players. So if you too are a piano player who believes in the power of music and is trying to find a Yamaha Clavinova then contact us and end your search!

    Happy piano playing!

    Rockaway Music is an authorized Yamaha piano dealer located in Morris County, New Jersey. We carry quality new and used pianos, player pianos and digital pianos. For more information on purchasing a piano or about our piano services we provide for New Jersey, please contact us at:

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