Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yamaha Piano Showroom in NJ

Yamaha Corporation is a leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in Japan. The company is renowned for manufacturing quality acoustic and electronic musical instruments for more than 120 years! Some of the products they are very well-known for are their pianos. The company offers prospective customers a wide variety of pianos from different categories such as: premium pianos, grand pianos, Trans Acoustic, Hybrid pianos, digital pianos, silent pianos etc. Beneath each category are pianos regarded as the best in the market by pundits. Little wonder why our pianos are the most sought-after all over the world. So if you happen to be looking to purchase a fine Yamaha piano, it's a great idea to visit our Yamaha piano showroom in NJ at Rockaway Music.  One today's blog we have a list of some of our wonderful pianos that we feature at our showroom. 

Yamaha Premium Pianos
Yamaha Piano Showroom in NJ
Yamaha premium pianos were perfectly designed for beauty and power!Their resonance is unparalleled and whenever and wherever you tap, they deliver. The available series of premium pianos include the S-series, the CF-series and the DS-series.

Yamaha Grand Pianos
Our grand pianos are the most used at professional concerts, competitions, orchestra, recordings etc. They are made with the best materials you can think of. With a total royal look, rich and full sound, and the ability they give pianists to freely express and play nuances, Yamaha grand pianos are easily the best you can get in any market anywhere in the world. This category spots the G-series and the CX series.

Yamaha Hybrid Pianos
The hybrid category is cute, compact and really affordable. Indeed these pianos are hybrid as they combine the features of both the digital and acoustic pianos. Thereby, giving you a taste of two great worlds! The sound is overwhelming, just like that of a grand piano! The hybrid piano is played by Alexander Kobrin, an internationally acclaimed pianist. Yamaha hybrid pianos feature the N-series.

Yamaha Digital Pianos
Yamaha digital pianos are the best everywhere you go. They are reliable, tested and trusted. You need to check out our customer reviews. In terms of technology, our digital pianos lead the way for competing pianos to follow. Our digital pianos are simply legendary – compact, stylish and totally lovely. The Clavinova Grands series, the Arius series, the MODUS series and the portable grand series make up the digital piano category.

Yamaha Upright Pianos
Our Upright category of pianos offers the acoustics, feel and finish of grand pianos with a cheaper price tag. These pianos are targeted at amateurs, beginners and professionals alike. It features the SU series, M series, P series and so on.

Yamaha Discklavier Pianos
The Disklavier series is an innovative, high-tech player piano with recording and playback functionality. Thus, you can record the movement of keys, hammers and pedals during a performance in a MIDI format. It also features real acoustics. Indeed it is the only reproducing piano that’s fully integrated to create perfect music. Embedded within the Disklavier pianos are Enspire CL, Enspire Pro, Enspire ST, and the E3 series.

Yamaha Silent Pianos
Yamaha silent pianos are made perfectly for discreetness – no disturbance to you from others and none from you to others. These are acoustic pianos with an option to silence the strings by stopping hammers from striking them. In its silent mode, the pianist can use headphones. They are ideal for private practice at any time – day or night.

If you have any questions and would like to learn more about our pianos in our Yamaha piano showroom in NJ please call our staff at Rockaway Music at (908) 751-5351. One of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to speak to you. 

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