Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sale on Used Pianos in NJ!

Are you in the market for a new piano? Not too keen on spending a lot of money? Here at Rockaway Music, we offer a wide selection of quality NJ used pianos for sale to suit your needs. 

We here at Rockaway Music offer some of the best deals for used pianos. Our selections range from very affordable "starter pianos" if you or someone you know is just getting into the piano-playing world, to NJ used grand pianos in like-new condition. We only carry the the finest piano products within a variety of price ranges and our knowledgeable staff can assist you in making the perfect piano choice. Our tuners, technicians, refinishers, movers and educators all operate with the utmost care to you and your piano decisions. 

When you purchase any acoustic piano from Rockaway Music, we offer our unique trade-up program. We privilege a free, full trade-in towards any new or used piano in stock without a time limitation, where a minimum trade up purchase is required. Nowhere else will you be able to have this opportunity but Rockaway Music. 

Rockaway music is currently offering an exclusive deal on any new or used acoustic piano. Look to the image below or click this link  to print out and redeem this coupon at Rockaway music before our sale ends. 

Still have questions, comments, or concerns? Call us at 973-984-8800 to speak to a Rockaway music specialist today!

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  1. Great post!!! It just got me thinking to get a used piano for the kids to learn how to play it and not only that, I just have a great spot for a piano back home… :D


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