Monday, April 16, 2012

Grand Pianos in NJ

A grand Piano has been a symbol of class, honor and elegance throughout history. Many people have also tied with the grand piano the sign of snobbery and that only the rich could afford a Grand Piano in NJ. This may have been the case back in the day but now customers can rely on Rockaway Music in NJ for Affordable Pianos in NJ. Our company has a great selection when it comes to pianos especially in regards to our Grand Piano selection. Each Grand Piano is a timeless treasure that tells its own unique history.We have grand pianos of different styles, colors and finishes. From an American Walnut to a beautifully polished Mahogany and even a Majestic Ebony Polish, we have a grand piano that will suit your budget and your own taste and preference. But Rockaway Music has more than just Grand Pianos we also have an amazing selection of Upright Pianos in NJ as well. Our Upright Pianos are of enduring beauty, classic tone and are responsive to the touch. If you want the gift of music to be forever enveloped in your house come to Rockaway Music in NJ. Call us at: 973-984-8800!

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