Monday, November 13, 2017

Piano Lessons in NJ

Rockaway Music
Piano lessons are more than just learning how to play music. There are many reasons why you should enroll your child in piano lessons.

Piano lessons teach your child how to concentrate, work hard and push themselves. From an early age its important to get your child to learn these skills. It's not an easy task to sit at a piano and practice daily. It takes discipline, patience and focus. Whether it's learning a challenging piece of music, studying for an exam or graduating from college, there will come a time when your child will need to concentrate and work hard to get where they want.

Piano lessons is a great way to improve your child's  reading ability, speech, listening skills and creativity. There is documented research about the cognitive benefits of learning how to plat the piano. Learning a new instrument is essentially the same as learning a new language - they trigger the same parts of the brain. 

Your child will also become better at sensing feelings and emotions. Just like a change in your voice when you are in a certain mood, you can set a mood or tone with distinct changes in your music. Learning this skill will help your child tune into their own emotions and cope with them better using music.

Being able to perform in public can build your child's confidence. It takes a lot of courage to sit in front of a large group of people and play a melody.Your child will thank you in the long run for being able to face their fears at a young age. It will prepare them for presentations in high school and public speaking in college. 

Last but not least, it is an amazing skill to have! Its not an easy skill to learn but it is very possible and rewarding when you have mastered it. 

Whether you are a beginner taking your first piano lesson or you have been playing piano for years, our professional piano teaching staff will accommodate your needs. When we start a beginner, we make it a priority to discuss what the student hopes to achieve and also what styles of music interests them. Do they like Classical Music? Jazz? or Contemporary? 

Our piano teachers will be sure to find this out and customize the lessons accordingly.
When a more advanced student enrolls in our Morris Plains Piano School, our piano teachers will evaluate their current skill level and discuss their goals. We do consultations and evaluations with both beginner and advanced students.
No matter the student's level, our main goal is to help them reach their goal. All piano lessons are provided in our piano school at the Morris Plains New Jersey location. We want to provide you and your family with quality music education in a comfortable, professional environment. 
For more information about Rockaway Music and our piano lessons' programs or for scheduling information please give us a call at 973-984-8800 (Morris Plains). You can also email us at

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