Monday, April 11, 2016

Piano Store NJ

A piano is a unique instrument that is capable of bringing music to your home for many generations. It also doubles as a gorgeous piece of furniture in any room. Within our piano store in NJ, you'll find a wide range of beautiful pianos ready to provide your home with elegance and music. Learning a little more about pianos is the key to selecting the right one for your home.

Rockaway Music features an expansive selection of renowned pianos from well-known manufacturers including Yamaha, Seiler, and Samick. Our professionals are well-versed with the intricacies of each piano, available to answer your questions and assist you in selecting the right piano fro your needs. When you visit our piano store in NJ, you'll be amazed at our competitive prices and customer focused experience. We welcome you to stop in and view our selection of premier pianos.

Until then, continue reading to better understand some key elements to consider when choosing a piano.

A Brief History of the Piano

The timeline of the piano starts in 1709 in Padua, Italy at the shop of Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori, a harpsichord maker. It was the limitations of the harpsichord (a keyboard instrument with just one volume) which ultimately led to the creation of the piano.

The Size of a Piano Matters

An important thing to keep in mind as you shop in our piano store in NJ is that size matters. The bigger the piano is, the better the music is going to sound. This is because of how the piano produces sound. It produces sound by vibrating the strings inside. The harmonic sound of the piano is dependent on how thick and long the strings are. The quality is less pleasant on pianos with short and thin strings. A bigger piano also means a bigger soundboard which contributes to the piano's ability to produce a more pleasant sound.

Pianos Don’t Depreciate

Chances are pretty good the piano you purchase will remain in your family for several decades. After all, the average lifespan of a piano is 40 years. Most people tend to replace their furniture, their car, and sometimes even their home before they replace their piano. It is also pretty rare for a piano to depreciate in value. This is why a well-maintained, used piano that was purchased 10 years ago will cost almost as much as a new piano.

Choosing Between Acoustic and Digital

One big decision you will need to make as you are shopping is whether you want an acoustic or digital piano. An acoustic piano is a piano which relies completely on natural acoustics to produce sound. A digital piano, on the other hand, does not contain hammers or strings. A digital piano utilizes electronics to create sound. You will find a large selection of both acoustic and digital pianos within our piano store in NJ. 

As you are shopping, it is in your best interest to buy the best piano your budget allows.

For more information about our piano store in NJ, call Rockaway Music at (973) 984-8800.

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