Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Piano Store NJ

Pianos are a timeless instrument. They probably have played a more important role in your life than you know. Whether you consider yourself a musician, are looking to begin playing music, or just enjoy music in general - the piano most likely has been present in a big way. Rockaway Music knows how important the piano has been on music as a whole, and in our piano store in NJ, you'll find out how important a piano can be to your musical experience. Many of the greatest songs of all time include a piano: from Beethoven all the way to The Beatles and Jay-Z. All these massive, talented musicians have used pianos in their work because it’s an instrument that transcends genres and skill levels. At our piano store in NJ, you'll find a large selection of new and used pianos ready to add elegance to your home and fill your space with beautiful music. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding a piano that accentuates your space, whether you are a beginner player or concert pianist. We feature leading, trusted brands like Yamaha and Seiler to bring you premium quality sound. Here we’re going to discuss a few ways why buying a piano is a rewarding decision for you and your family.

Playing piano is a great way to increase your overall brain health. It helps increase cognitive functions that improve your memory, speech, language skills, and even your ability to solve problems. That’s because piano demands focus and practice that really molds your mind into something that’s capable of computing things that you might’ve not realized previously. This is why so many people recommend learning piano as a young child. It helps the brain develop in a way that truly improves its function and your ability to learn. Worry not though, this also occurs in adults. It’s never too late to learn how to play the piano or improve upon your skills. It’s the instrument that gives you as much as you put into it.

Piano is also a great stress and anxiety reliever. Sure we can discuss the musical benefits of learning piano, but the instrument is so much more than hitting keys in a particularly way to create sound. It’s an instrument that really encompasses all of the player in it. Learning and playing piano demands focus and concentration which is a known way to relieve stress. Having the ability to cut off the outside world and create a world of your own within the notes of a song really helps on to relax. In our piano store in NJ, we'll work with you to find the piano that fulfills the need you are looking for. From part-time player to first-time player and beyond, we have a selection of beautiful pianos to choose from. This might be why the piano is so well loved and timeless. It’s offered this quality and emotion for ages and ages.

Pianos are also a fantastic asset to any space. They’re big, beautiful pieces of intricate and complex construction. What a piano does to a room, building, or a hotel lobby really cannot be weighed. Have you ever been at a restaurant and had a dinner while a lone piano player plays a song? It elevates the mood and makes moments seem cinematic and memorable. This is why the piano is so important. If you have any questions about our pianos please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you on your way. 

For more information about our piano store in NJ, call Rockaway Music at (973) 984-8800.

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