Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Benefits of Music Education

   Music education is very beneficial to children, especially at an early age. Musical training has been shown to improve the development of the areas of the brain involved with language and reasoning. Music develops the left and right brain equally, taking equal amounts of creativity and logical analysis. Reading music is a left-brain skill, while ear training is a greatly right-brain trait. When a child learns music early on, it is easier for them to develop and and nurture both abilities into a well-rounded musician.
    Piano lessons in Morris County NJ help children in further their education. Children are able to think creatively and to solve problems by producing various solutions, and rejecting assumptions. The arts do not have only one right answer. It also nurtures a child's mean of self-expression. After learning the building blocks of music, the challenge then lies with the child to make it meaningful and reach for a higher development.
   Music education also develops skills that will be necessary later in the workplace. The main focus of music education is to do, rather than observe. Employers often look for multi-dimensional workers with the balance of left and right brain. The performance aspect of piano lessons also teaches children to take risks and conquer fears. Anxiety is something they are taught is normal and something that will occur naturally in life. Dealing with anxiety early on will lessen the impact it may have on a child's life later on.

   Rockaway Music understands the impact that music education can have on a child's life. We offer one-on-one piano lessons with top piano instructors for children, and adults. No matter what kind of student we instruct, our main goal is to ensure the child and parents' goals are met. That is why we provide quality piano lessons in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.  

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