Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yamaha Hybrid Pianos in NJ

For years Yamaha has offered quality pianos to perspicacious musicians. In the past few years they have developed a technology that offers traditional, acoustic, piano players a grand piano sound and feel for a fraction of the investment. It's not a digital piano, the cheap plastic ones loaded with sounds you never want or need. Yamaha's hybrid pianos offer an incredible playing experience for all of your senses. These are real pianos with a luscious black lacquered finish, three pedals and real wooden keys that feel like you're hitting a taught metal string.
The strings are replaced with sensors that the hammers hit. Each sound the piano emits has been recorded and sampled from each string of Yamaha's top-end grand piano. The sound is reproduced through high end speakers inside the body of the piano. Yamaha's development so closely reproduced the feeling of playing a grand piano that the keys subtly vibrate when struck hard. The samples that they have recorded, and the speakers are so exceptional that the differences are inaudible.
Yamaha's line of hybrid pianos offers some staggering advantages to traditional grand pianos. There is never a need to tune the hybrid pianos, which depending on the piano itself, can be very costly. The hybrids also offer volume control, making them great for smaller homes and apartments. And if you prefer to not even let your neighbors know your next masterpiece, there is a headphone jack.
You can find Yamaha hybrid pianos in NJ at Rockaway Music. Rockaway Music is a licensed Yamaha dealer and carries a complete line of Yamaha hybrid pianos in NJ.

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