Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Piano Lessons in NJ

Although the holiday season may be nearing its end, there is still time for gift giving.  Know someone who has always wanted to play the piano?  Maybe you have always wanted to learn. No one said you can’t give a gift to yourself, right?  Rockaway Music in Morris Plains offers piano lessons to NJ residents looking to start a lifetime of musical passion.

From Beethoven to Alicia Keys to Billy Joel, the piano offers a wide range of possibilities for people with varying musical tastes.  The expert piano instructors at Rockaway Music understand this and are willing to teach based on individual preferences.  If you prefer jazz, then your lessons can focus on the jazz genre.  If you believe rock will never die, then your class time will revolve around rock.  Half of the battle in NJ piano lessons is enjoying the experience of learning; playing what you enjoy is a step in the right direction.

All levels of ability are welcome at Rockaway Music’s private school.  Whether a student has never played before or is looking to elevate their playing ability, the skilled piano teachers at Rockaway Music will work to help achieve those personal goals.  There is no need to feel nervous about trying, as everyone has to begin at some level.  The important part is that improvements are always being made and we can help do just that.

The gift of musical ability is one that can last for a person’s entire life.  For more information about our piano lessons in NJ and scheduling a lesson, please call us at 973-984-8800 or send an e-mail to  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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