Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why should you have the Yamaha Disklavier player piano in your home?

Have you ever wanted to learn to play piano but didn’t know where to start?  Are you an experienced player who would like to play or sing along with thousands of different songs, and record audio, video, or both from your performances?  The Yamaha Disklavier can achieve all of this and more. Besides it being a complete system for home entertainment, it’s also a great instrument for the experienced player.

Wait a second, what is a player piano?

A player piano is a piano that can play itself!  They have actually been around since the late 1800’s, although the player pianos of old can’t compete with all of the features available on the Yamaha Disklavier today.  The Disklavier reproduces the sounds of the original artist down to the actual movements of the keys and pedals.  In addition to being able to play preloaded, downloaded, or songs from any media you have, it is also a fully functional piano, which makes it great for those of every skill level.

The Yamaha Disklavier has a touch screen graphical user interface, large internal music storage, and entertainment functions. You can record audio directly from the piano, and video by plugging in a standard camcorder.  The Pocket Remote Controller is great for singing along.  While the piano is doing its thing, you can sing along using the lyrics displayed on your TV or the Pocket Remote Controller, which works from anywhere in your home.  You can use vocal effects like echo, reverb, and chorus.  As far as output goes, you can use the built in speakers or external speakers like your existing home theatre system to hear the music and vocals complete with effects.

You can play or load music from the built in floppy disk, CD, or USB drives.  The Disklavier comes with hours of pre-loaded music, and can play along with hundreds of standard store-bought CDs.  The Disklavier piano can connect to the internet to stream songs from more than 10 different music channels.  There is also a library of thousands of songs where you can preview, purchase, and download songs directly to the piano so there is no need for a computer.

You can use the SmartKey feature even if you’ve never played a piano before!  It’s easy to follow along because the software partially depresses the next key in the melody, guiding you through the song at any speed.  The Disklavier is also great for practice; you can play using one hand while it takes care of the keys for the other on selected titles.  It can also vary the tempo, and play in ultra quiet or headphones mode so you can play at the volume that’s best for you and those around you. 

The Yamaha Disclavier seamlessly provides both excellent entertainment value while also being a top-notch instrument.  It easily becomes the centerpiece for parties because guests can enjoy live music or faithful recreations of many works just as the original artist intended it to sound.  Don’t miss out on this incredible experience, try one out for yourself today!

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