Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Every Piano Shopper Needs to Know about 

Stencil Pianos

Some stores are claiming to have pianos of equal or greater quality as compared to Yamaha. Do Not Believe them! In many cases they are trying to sell you nothing more than a Stencil Piano.

When shopping for a piano, it is very important to understand that many brands are not being made by the original manufacturer any longer. In these cases, they are being built at factories with little or no connection to the name that appears on the piano. These pianos are referred to as Stencil Pianos.

Today, an increasing number of Stencil Pianos are on the market, even some with old European or American names. Regardless of the name on the piano, all Stencil Pianos have the following things in common. First, they are no longer being made by the original company. Second, they are currently being manufactured by lower cost, less experienced factories which affects the quality.

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